Providing independent, high quality efficient programs and services to satisfy the fuel compliance requirements of oil industry and governmental agencies.

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In general terms, the Association survey designs utilize an area (survey areas, strata and/or cluster) random sampling methodology with probability proportional to size (PPS). PPS sampling generates self-weighting samples that would represent the fuel sold within each area without bias.

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been contracted by RFGSA to procure and test fuel samples from the PPS-selected service stations. The individuals collecting samples at your site are trained independent contractors (IC’s) for SwRI and are only involved in collecting and shipping the fuel samples to SwRI. The IC’s are not employed by nor are they agents of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or any other environmental enforcement organization.

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All survey results are reported to the authorizing governmental agency and the participating company in the specific RFGSA program. In the event of potential non-compliance (PNC) based on the specific program’s guidelines, one or more of the following stakeholders may contact you to resolve the issue: the refiner, your fuel supplier, the authorizing governmental agency or the RFG Survey Association.